Thursday, 8 May 2014

What is cellulite and how to get rid of cellulite easily?

Bad habits and unhealthy:
Some unhealthy habits directly related to the appearance of cellulite, including direct
- drinking tea and coffee in abundance :

Too much caffeine found in coffee and tea in the works to block the passage of food through Alaoxgesn and blood circulation and help to the accumulation of toxins in the connective tissue cells, leading to the appearance of cellulite.

- Excessive bathing with hot water, which works on the loss of skin smoothness and vitality.
- excessive use of painkillers , which leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body and stored under the skin, which loses some of the cells of the skin and its function.

- get used to eating preserved foods which helps the appearance of cellulite.
- wearing tight clothing , thereby hindering the movement of blood circulation within the cells of the skin and the appearance of cellulite.

- not Drink water : Drink water frequently works to remove toxins from the body and reduce drinking water leads to further accumulation of toxins within the body and Ahtbasha prompting the emergence of cellulite on the skin.Many More Information

- eat a lot of sugars : Sugars are working to disrupt the anti-oxidants, which play a vital role in maintaining the skin and prevent Tkoic cellulite.

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