Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Get rid of cellulite! Bamboo massage removes the appearance of orange peel

Cellulite gives much hassle, nine women! So we have a whole arsenal of cosmetic help us get rid of it! But they really work? Bamboo massage is tested and seems to have miraculous results!

Massage with bamboo
Prized since ancient times in American culture, massage with bamboo sticks has a multitude of benefits: reduce the circumference of the treated areas (abdomen, waist, buttocks, thighs, legs, arms), eliminate cellulite, tones muscles, stimulates the lymphatic system (the removal of toxins ) and blood circulation, restores cellular metabolism, less tense and energizes the body.
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Bamboo massage consists of light friction made using special sticks bamboo of various sizes for all body areas, affected by cellulite, working deeper.

A bamboo massage session lasts 50 minutes.
Bamboo massage is deeper than a simple cellulite massage and coporate remodeling, and summarizes the beneficial effects of lymphatic drainage massage for detoxification and relaxation massage, revitalizing the body and restoring overall condition good

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