Sunday, 11 May 2014

What are the secrets of a healthy diet?

Whether it is about low-crab diet or the cabbage soup or simply a healthy food diet, anyone undergoing treatment in a certain period of life

Through diet does not understand that a person should consume a small amount of food , but must limit the amount of foods that have a high fat content. way, if one of the people who want to follow a diet for medical reasons, or because they want to lose weight need to know diet as there are rules that if not followed this may cause you serious health problems.

Here are some rules that will be of great help!
Never "pass" over breakfast
Breakfast is principal meal of the day, on which you should never pass, and especially if you're on a diet, because after a long period of fasting (during sleep) body wakes and must start work digestible and burning calories. way, your body needs food to turn these two processes but also to ensure your daily energy needs.

Chew food well! Chew food well because they go quickly through the digestive process. Otherwise, the food will be better processed and will appear pain or stomach cramps.

Do not consume fried foods! By frying foods will also have more calories because through this process a high quantity of fat simply enters those foods. Thus, it is recommended that food be cooked on the grill or in the oven cooked because, besides the fact that they have fewer calories, they will keep their properties NUTRIVIT.

Do not eat while watching TV! Watching television or reading a book while you eat the food will attract attention. Thus, you will not notice the body signals let you know that you ate enough. So, one of the most dangerous enemies of the diet is to eat while watching TV because you eat more than your body needs to perform daily activities.

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