Monday, 5 May 2014

Evening prematurely

There is another popular belief that we should have dinner about 18 hours. However, if you go to sleep around midnight, before going to bed will be too hungry, and this is normal. Nutritionists advise that 70 percent of all calories enter the body in installments before dinner, and is only 30 some dinner. Then it will not matter whether you eat in 19 or 23 hours.
Loner you

Everything is easier in two - and even to diet. Agree with your partner or friend to lose weight together. It will be easier to stick to a decision if you have support from their family. If you can not get from family and friends, consult a nutritionist or connect to the forum group and the like.

Need snacks
The optimum would be to eat every three to four hours, small amounts of food. Nutritionists advise that you do not think of meals as a \ "breakfast, lunch or dinner \". Eat as much as possible to maintain a healthy metabolism.
Do not keep a diary

Writing a food diary can be very helpful. The mere fact that the write down everything you eat, will make you think about your diet and you will be more careful. You can make your own diary or find instructions on the Internet. Highful Information
Do not drink the water

Water; replace all sodas because the water is really the healthiest drink. Some research has shown that people who pre-meal drink two glasses of water to enter the body drastically fewer calories than others.
Skip breakfast

Maybe you justify this as you do not have time to eat in the morning, but one of the healthiest breakfasts also the fastest - whole grains.

Do not cook
Dishes in restaurants are often caloric than those that are saving at home. When you cook it yourself, you can better control what you eat and how much.

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