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Joey Atlas Review-Symptoms and Characteristics of cellulite

Characteristic recurrence (recurrence) of cellulite, especially among people with immune system disorders or diseases skin (fungal infections or complications of diabetes ).

Recurrence Cellulite is more common among people with blood circulation or lymphatic problems. Recurrence of the disease in the lower limbs produces elephantiasis (skin thickening massive edema).
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Cellulite legs is often complicated by thrombophlebitis . In this situation, blood is formed emboli (clots) that causes swelling and circulatory disorders, this type of cellulite is more difficult to treat. Feared complication of this type of cellulite is vein embolization (clot moving through the venous system to other tissues and organs, with their infarction).

Similar symptoms cellulite (pain, swelling and redness of the skin) are also found in other conditions such as contact dermatitis (skin lesions appeared as a result of allergic reactions triggered by contact with various substances) or herpes zoster (skin disorder characterized by pustule eruption type, relapsed, painful, with the varicella-zoster virus etiology). Symptoms cellulite periorbital location (in the eye)

Characteristic symptoms of this type of cell are:
- Pain around the affected eye

- Limited mobility of the eyeball

- Visual disturbances.

Cellulite ocular requires emergency treatment to prevent irreversible complications such as blindness or meningitis (infection dissemination in the brain).

In most cases the diagnosis is based on physical examination cellulite, other tests are not necessary for the doctor to prescribe antibiotics. Visit my Web Pages http://www.fatlosspot.com/venus-factor-review/

Complicated cellulitis may require a doppler ultrasound for the presence of clots in the deep venous system.

Where treatment initial antibiotic is not effective, the doctor must analyze a blood sample to detect the type of bacteria responsible for the infection and thus choose antibiotic treatment.
Cellulites Cellulite complicated and accompanied by high fever require hospitalization and intravenous antibiotic therapy.

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