Monday, 5 May 2014

Errors that probably doing while trying to lose weight

You have decided to bring the body in order before bikini season. Work hard, but nothing changes? It's time to discover what you're wrong

You eat artificial foods
Occasionally taking preparations for slimming shakes and different that's fine, but it cannot live, and the long term you cannot hold the line or lose weight. There are much better options that are equally low in calories, such as fresh fruit or low fat yogurt.

Not getting enough sleep
Without quality sleep at least seven hours cannot be fit. When too little sleep can slow down metabolism and cause hormonal changes that will only hinder you in losing pounds. Also, if you're tired, you'll probably want to eat more.Click here to Learn more.............Venus Factor

Too many third practices
Exercise is very important, but if you overdo it, it can backfire. You probably think that you will lose weight just by practicing, and when that happens, you will be frustrated. In fact, experts say that 80 percent of \ "child \" makes nutrition, and only 20 percent exercise.

Always order salad
Salad is not always the best choice, as long as we believed it. It may happen that you do not eat enough carbohydrates so you're constantly hungry.

Also, make sure you do not eat salad with high calorie ingredients, such as full-fat cheese. A better option might have soup and a sandwich with toast.

You eat a lot of \ "health food \" Must Read crossed with white rye bread with seeds, do not use butter rather than olive oil, almond chips replace you? This is all great, but that does not mean you can eat huge portions of healthy food. Control the amount you eat.

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