Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Cellulitis - What a find and what a treat?

It does not hurt, but I feel embarrassed as hell. You should know that you have many colleagues of suffering: in a form more or less advanced, cellulite affects 80% of women. If you follow our advice, you'll be able to figure out this unsightly problem.

Basically, cellulite is starting to make their presence felt around the age of 15 years and, with age, the phenomenon is getting bigger. Here is the explanation:

• As time passes, the skin thins and cellulite becomes more visible.

• Skin loses its firmness, the elimination of toxins is slow - fat opportunity to expand.
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You wonder why you do one of those 20% who escaped the curse of cellulite. For probably prefer to take the elevator instead of climbing stairs or because not a day goes by without you enjoy a steaming Merdeni. Most of the blame for the occurrence of skin-looking "orange peel" wearing sedetarismul and improper diet
That's right, studies show that there is an inherited predisposition.

But even so, there are solutions to smooth your skin.
Want to treat yourself to the maximum? Here are the proposals specialists:

Luciana Stanciu, Eden Spa, recommends you Anticellulite Advanced Treatment. What is? The treatment starts with a ferrule body with warming effect, followed by the application of a concentrated serum, glycolic acid, and then a mask stimuli. All this will help burn fat, accelerate metabolism and eliminate excess retained water.

When Keiko SlimSpa, you can try massaging Dermocell transcutaneous device, salon manager, we revealed that this solution has proved effective for even the most advanced stages of cellulite. What is? In a continuous suction massage type and in constant flux

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