Thursday, 8 May 2014

What is cellulite and how to get rid of cellulite easily?

Cellulite suffered by a large proportion of women and ignorant of mostly natural cellulite , which makes women's skin resembled a large crust Clockwork in texture and have cellulite caused by inflammation of the fatty tissue under the skin layer and plays a poor flow of blood circulation in the connective tissue to be a layer of fat is pressing on the skin The nerve fibers worked to some pain in the skin and spread formation cellulite in the skin leads mostly to the poor appearance of the skin layer and Tarjha.

Causes formation of cellulite
- the genetic marker: it spreads the appearance of cellulite in a single-family or relatives with a genetic predisposition for the appearance of cellulite.

- sex hormones: a private hormones femininity such as estrogen Oestrogene and progesterone, Progesterone,

which is excreted through the ovary and play an important role in the formation of blocs fatty in women and is characterized by fat cells generally two types of receptors alpha and works on the formation of fat cells and activate these receptors by hormones femininity, Visit my Web Pages

and beta which are active in cracking the fat cells which is activated by some steroids, which are used in the newly Mesotherapy for cellulite treatment.

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