Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Venus Factor Review -Diet and Nutrition cannot lose weight? Here's Why!

Trying to lose weight but do not get any results? Here are the factors that stop weight loss:

- Lack of exercise;  Get More Information here Venus Factor Scam

- Improper food consumption;

- An increased intake of food (especially fatty foods, unhealthy)

- Imbalance of minerals and vitamins in the body;

- Poor eating habits, for example, full nemestecarea
Food, a dining irregular schedule;

- Insulin imbalances (caused by excessive consumption of carbohydrates
Derived from sugar)

- A slow metabolism;

- An insufficient amount of enzymes;

- Fluid retention,

- A sluggish liver;

- Kidney weak;

- A loaded colon, intestinal problems;

- A poor functioning digestive system;

- Parasites or worms that cause excessive appetite;

- A malfunction of the adrenal gland;

- Disorders of the thyroid gland

- An extensive infection, fungal nature .

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