Sunday, 4 May 2014

About Cellulite-Cellulite in the beauty salon

"Anti-cellulite massage can approach the affected area and adjust the intensity of contact. Thus stimulate lymph and blood circulation, metabolism and speed up the elimination of toxins and eliminate cellulite. "

For visible results, recommended 2-3 times a week for a period of two months, and thereafter once a week for maintenance achieved. When you achieve satisfactory results anti-cellulite massage, they will last the longest.

Manual lymphatic drainage - this is a special method of manual massage. This method encourages the establishment of the balance of fluids in the body. The establishment of the lymphatic flow also improves the cleaning of the intercellular space of metabolic waste.

Because of its complexity and effectiveness of manual lymph drainage may only be performed by qualified and trained persons. Body care are particularly good results in the elimination of cellulite. Lymphatic drainage is a must for all programs for detoxification and in the treatment of weight loss and firming tissues.

By apparatus lymphatic drainage - coffee preso therapy is designed and tested specifically for lymphatic drainage through specific parts that are put in front of them in the air is blown. Treatments are painless and pleasant. Lymphatic drainage is recommended after surgery.
Aroma - the application of essential oils act to stimulate the circulation of lymph and blood and removing excess fluid from the body. Regular massage with essential oils will reduce cellulite.

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