Monday, 5 May 2014

Venus Factor-The proper execution of the exercise for weight loss

Aerobics are several types, but all have a common basis. Hour led by an instructor, which consists of choreographed by which trains the entire group.

The instructor, but also oversee the proper execution of the exercise, so you should not be that you're doing something wrong. At the beginning of the lesson is to stretch and warm up, followed by aerobic group,

strengthening and ultimately the final stretch. Whole hour should take 45-60 minutes, and the largest portion of time (minimum half) should accrue to the aerobic portion.Highful Information

Aerobics has a positive effect on the function of the musculoskeletal system, improves breathing and heart function, positively affects the nervous system, metabolism changes, and even has a positive effect on your psyche.

From basic forms of aerobics to develop other types, each is a little different effective and otherwise practicing body. Anyway, if the basic version does not seem to you a little tiring or boring, you can try harder level.
The most common types of aerobics:

- Kick-box aerobics - combines elements of kick-boxing and aerobics, challenging

- Bodystyling - slower version aerobics, more strength, more demanding

- Dance aerobics - choreography are more dances oriented

- Aqua aerobics - Trains in water, used a variety of tools that help engage all the muscles. It is suitable for people who for some reason have to save your joints. It is more difficult due to the water

- Step aerobics - with choreography or strengthening is widely used stepper (step)

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