Monday, 5 May 2014

Venus Factor-Exercises That Really Work For Weight Loss

Squats to look like - strengthening the front of the thighs - Stand up straight, hands on hips characters into a slight crouch. From this position you do with a breath big step forward while kneeling on one leg. The second forms a right angle with the washer. Then slowly return to its original position. The slower, the more muscles occupy. Repeat ten times in three batches on both feet.
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Squatting - strengthening the front of the thighs - Stand up straight; keep your feet slightly apart, about shoulder-width apart. Bend your hands, the elbows as fire breath, stretch out your hands forward, and bend your legs at the knees (as if you went skiing). With a touch slowly return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise fifteen times in three series.

The chair - strengthen inner thigh - Sit on a mat, Open your feet and brace it (like the legs of the chair, with your ankles from the inside based on chair legs). With breath firmly print thighs together, hold for 5 seconds and slowly open.

Repeat the exercise fifteen times in three series.Sit down cross-legged. Hands brace on the knee. Now with breath push on my knees and spread your legs apart. More Pages here

Hold for 5 seconds and slowly return back. If you have no legs stretched, you will feel soon as you stretch the groin, but after a while you will know definitely how you're straining muscles. Repeat twenty times, at least two of the series.

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